CHINA CLEANTECH PLATFORM (CCP) refers to a one-stop Chinese market entry and development professional service, which is provided by China’s professional clean technology communication service institution—Z-PARK ECEPC. We aims to provide new green impulse for international institution or company that intend to enter Chinese market. By the one-stop comprehensive service platform, we can help environmental friendly enterprises or institutions find business opportunities for the successful entry and development in China’s market; assist foreign partners seize the opportunity of Chinese clean technology development to make contribution to the sustainable development of China and the world.



1. Compilation and translation of client company’s profiles, promotional materials, product descriptions, etc.


2. Design, producing and printing of client company’s profiles, promotional materials, product descriptions, etc.


3. Assisting client with application of intellectual property registration, technical assessment and inspection report in China.


4. Providing advertising and news release services on professional websites like


5. Assisting client to participate in professional exhibitions and seminars in China.


6. Conducting market research in relevant regions of China in accordance with client's marketing plan.


7. Establishing relationships with potential partners, investors and agents of client.


8. Assisting client’s representatives with their business investigation in China.


9. Arranging seminar between client and responsible person or researchers of relevant industry. 


10. Customized services.


Contact us:

Tel: +86 10 6488 0799

E-mail: [email protected]

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